The Blue Movement

Where Consciousness  Meet Sexy 

Satoria Nicole, born Satoria Nicole Marshall, is known for many things in entertainment through out Hampton Roads, VA. She is now a TV Host on Sky4 and popular local Socialite. A host with a radio-ready voice quickly becoming a high-demanded name and brand. Gearing up for Season 3 of her Self Titled Talk Show..

Satoria Nicole has had the dream of being on your TV Screen since the age of 4. Being Raised by her grandmother while her mom attended college Satoria spent a lot of time with her grandmother thrifting and watching stories and talk shows. She fell in love with talk shows, creating her own by making stuffed animals her audience and a hair brush her mic. She has been an entertainer since.

The Satoria Nicole vision is to turn Hampton Roads, VA into an entertainment hotbed that attracts national celebrities and athletes alike who will enjoy the lifestyle and nightlife of VA. Her future goal is to help build an entertainment and media conglomerate with a radio-statiom, talk-show, magazines, fashion designers, music labels, businesses and events at major venues right here in Hampton Roads, VA by utilizing her relationships through what she does and industry networks to assist others in branding and building themselves. Recently relocated to Raleigh NC she still has this same dream but a bigger vision.